Charlene Reeves is a very special human being and doctor, who has helped me in some extraordinary ways. She uses her quantum biofeedback tools like a shaman, with great skill and intuition as she works ‘from the heart’. Her dedication to me as a client has been total. While giving me the opportunity to remove deep-seated memories from my energy field, Charlene has also supported my healing efforts with homeopathic medicines and other wholesome supplements. She is a delight to work with, and in spite of our professional relationship, I consider her my friend, something I cannot easily say about most ‘physicians. She has walked my path with me, stood back when I needed to find my own way, and worked in a very professional manner to support my efforts and help me liberate myself from my rather dark, abusive past.  I have the greatest respect for this very special woman, and I know that what she has done for me she also is more than willing to do for everyone else who comes to her as a client.  ~ [JH – Kelowna]

Dr. Reeves has assisted me over the past few years with a “pain body” reduction. I would recommend Dr. Reeves for many health related items. Dr. Reeves has many modalities to work with to assist anyone that attends her clinic. ~ [GJ – Naramata]

I was recommended to Dr. Reeves a number of years ago. Dr. Reeves has assisted me with a process of acknowledging a “pain body” and reducing the overall pain in my body. Dr. Reeve has many modalities to assist those that attend her clinic on their path to wellness. I would recommend Dr. Reeves to anyone that is interesting in becoming well and healing the reasons behind any illness or ongoing difficulties they are having. Dr. Reeves is a very gentle and knowledgeable healer. You will be amazed. ~ [JK – Toronto]

I would highly recommend Dr. Charlene Reeves of the Naramata Lifestyle Wellness Centre. My children and I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Reeves on several occasions for various issues and we found her to be incredibly knowledgeable, patient, kind, and took the time to explain various modalities that served to help relieve any pain and/or or chronic ailments/conditions that we had been suffering. We have referred many others to Naramata Wellness Centre and all have been very pleased with the work of Dr. Reeves. We will continue to work with her well into the future and so grateful that we have found her. ~ [KM – Summerland]

Since my first visit to a natural doctor I have been impressed with her knowledge in caring for the body using whole foods and natural supplements. My first visit to Naramata Lifestyle inspired an even deeper appreciation of the naturopathic understanding of the body on both a physical and vibratory level. ~ [CJ – Oliver]

Charlene Reeves who practices from her beautiful and fully equipped office in
Naramata offers the most comprehensive experience of healing that I have ever encountered. From the quantum pulse to the scio analysis, from the medical massage chair to the state of the art tesla machine, Naramata Lifestyle delivers an hour long session of extraordinary physical and vibratory healing. ~ [JN – Vancouver Island]

Dr Charlene’s practice is not centered around dispensing supplements, she offers a visceral experience of the body physical along with an in-depth understanding of the reasons behind the physical dis-ease ~ [JC – Vancouver]

Dr. Reeves offers a full array of natural supplements and homeopathic remedies
and is diligent in sourcing the highest quality, she also does on-going research on breaking developments.   I trust her recommendations, but more than that I trust Dr. Reeves sessions to bring about physical well being and peace of mind. ~ [BZ – Shuswap}

I would and do recommend Naramata Lifestyle to anyone suffering from less than optimum health.  Dr. Reeves offers a vast array of protocols coupled with an impressive knowledge of all things wellness.  Thank you Charlene for all that you have added to my own understanding of how to achieve radiant health. Fifty eight and feeling fabulous ~ [JC – Oliver]

I put my house on the market and after a month, I had only one showing.  It was priced at a point where I could not go any lower, and my realtor was well trusted. I had heard from a friend how her house sold quickly after contacting Dr. Charlene Reeves and doing a session with her. At first I thought this was pure fantasy, luck, or timing. Two weeks later – still only the one showing, I called Dr. Reeves.  The fee was acceptable and we set up a time to do the clearing by phone.  I followed all her pre-call directions and when she called, I simply followed her instructions. She took me through, what is most accurately described as a guided meditation.  Within a week I had several people view my home and one bought it very close to the asking price! I have no doubt that the clearing/mediation I did with Dr. Charlene Reeves was effective in selling my home.  Once you experience it, you’ll understand why.  I HIGHLY recommend anyone who needs a quick sale at their reasonable asking price, to contact her.  I’m so glad I did! ~ [DN – Kelowna]

Working with Dr. Reeves is absolutely life changing. Not just a “diet” shift but she taught me how to make a clear lifestyle changes. The power of Charlene’s energetic medicine is beyond words, I can “see and feel” the changes, and it showcases the best version of myself. My life hasn’t been the same since I met her!” ~ [JB – Portland]