Quantum Pulse

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Quantum Pulse is an electronic device that brings the vibrational level of your body back to its natural state of being.  VIBE stands for Vibrational Integrated Bio-photonic Energizer.

HarmonizerHow does Quantum Pulse work?

Every atom in the Universe has a frequency, whether it is a grain of sand, a piece of steel, a plant, animal or an organ in your body – each cell resonates, or vibrates, at a specific frequency or oscillation.  Your body consists of a variety of atoms, which contain protons, electrons & an overall bio-electric energy that runs through it.  The way you take care of your body physically, emotionally and mentally determines how many negative frequencies or toxins are being built up in it.

Generally there are four ways imbalance is created in the body. This can be from toxic substances we eat, pollution we breathe, exposure to a negative energetic environment, and how we process information in our thinking and feeling.

When a body becomes overwhelmed with toxic substances, thoughts or feelings,  the positive bio-electric field is immensely lowered in vibration and frequency.  In other words, our body has a higher frequency or vibration when it is healthy and a lower vibration when it is sick.  You can actually test your body’s vibrational level with various bio-electric counters.  This can give you an indication of your body’s energy level.

QuantumPulse1_750Healthy cells, according to Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg, have cell voltages of minus 70 to minus 90 millivolts.  Due to the constant stresses of modern life and a toxic environment, cell voltage tends to drop as we age or get sick.  As the voltage drops, the cells are unable to maintain a healthy environment for themselves.  If the electrical charge of a cell drops below minus 50, a person can become chronically fatigued and may get sick often.  If the voltage drops to minus 15, the cell becomes diseased.  When the body’s immune system gets overwhelmed and cannot fight an abundance of toxins and then we continue to put toxins into our bodies and minds such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, negative fear-based thoughts and heavy emotions, we can experience a physical imbalance.

The cells of a body that are being affected by a negative condition, have an oscillating rate that is lower than it was originally designed to have.  After many months or years of this internal dis-harmony, our immune system can weaken and the symptoms begin to show in the form of an actual terminal physical imbalance or disease. All cells have small electrically powered pumps whose function is to bring in nourishment, and take out toxins.  Imagine going into a house where the power has been turned off. The plumbing wouldn’t operate so the toilets wouldn’t work. There would be no running water; therefore, no showers or baths could be taken and doing dishes would be impossible. The refrigerator wouldn’t work so there wouldn’t be any food to eat, and the food that was in there would go bad.  Add to that trash strike and now trash is piling up. As you could guess, anyone living in that house would probably get sick.

It is the same for the cells of the body. Without enough energy to operate, the cells become toxic and malnourished. Then, when presented with an infectious organism they have lost the vitality to resist.

One way to efficiently and safely raise cell voltages is with a device called a VIBE machine. An earlier type was invented by Georges Lakhovsky in the early 1900’s. Dr. Lakhovsky discovered that healthy cells acted like little batteries and discovered how to recharge them (raise their voltages). He found that transmitting energy in the range of 8 and 1016hz raised the cell’s voltage.

Dr. Lakhovsky had great results with all types of physical imbalances. Not only was his unit able to return sick cells (and people) to health, but also those who used it regularly noticed that they rarely became sick. He proved the principle that life forms can absorb radio wave energy.  The VIBE uses that principle to strengthen the healthy cells of the body, so that they can resist physical imbalances. Knowing the right  frequencies and putting them out simultaneously does not necessarily destroy an infection, but we believe it charges the cell making it strong enough to resist the infection.

vibe-maquinaSimilarly, everyone has been exposed to the oral variety of the herpes virus, and it lies dormant in their bodies. Only when a person is under stress does the virus flare up and show up as blisters on the lips. We carry many thousands of infections in our bodies, lying in dormant states. As long as we remain healthy (high cell voltages), these infections remain dormant.  In this way, a VIBE Machine can prevent negative imbalance and stress of all kinds.

In some situations, physical disorders are not caused by infection.  They are thought to be caused by toxicity and imbalanced metabolism.  The Quantum Pulse be of assistance here by helping the body detoxify, giving it enough energy to heal its chronic metabolic imbalances.

Many illnesses are autoimmune in nature.  When your immune system cannot ward off a problem in your system in time, something fails.  Your only defense is your immune system.  By raising the oscillating frequency of every cell in your body, we are increasing the rate at which the immune system operates as well as eliminating the negative toxins that your body is trying to fight off.  The quantum fluctuations (vibrations) that make up the memory of the cells of our body start creating different “memories.” This type of frequency reprogramming allows the body to remember the natural effectiveness of the immune system and regenerate back to its original state.

z-machine-petawattWhat is actually inside a Quantum Pulse?

The device has 12 noble and inert gas tubes that are precisely positioned in a concentric ring to create a strong electromagnetic field around the machine.  The gas tubes have been selected to develop specific results within the bio-photonic spectrum.  Some of the tubes contain argon, krypton, and water vapor. Activated by a low power laser, it produces all the frequencies needed to resonate a higher pitch within your body.  This electromagnetic field is unique; it raises the vibrational levels of your body to the highest of oscillations, where they were originally designed to be.

What can the Quantum Pulse do for you?

This machine is a technological breakthrough that enhances the human body by helping it reach its optimum vibration and energy levels. It has many long-term positive effects on the body, as it automatically eliminates the “unwanted vibrations” inside your body.