Dr. Charlene Reeves, DNM, PhD, RNP, CBS

Charlene Reeves holds a doctorate in Natural Medicine, is a certified therapist, in biofeedback, homeo-therapeutics and theta. She is also a certified health minister, reiki master, german new medicine consultant, body worker and lifestyle coach.  She is Board Certified in Alternative Medicine, with BNMD&P (Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners), RNP Registered Naturotherapy, a member of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, and Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist with NTCB (Natural Therapies Certification Board). Charlene has opened up a Wellness Centre just 6 kilometres outside of Penticton called “Naramata Lifestyle”.

Charlene is a compassionate health care, wellness and spiritual counselor advocating an integrative holistic approach for the health and healing of people and animals using supportive energy therapies.  She is well versed in holistic therapies, utilizing bio-energetic principles for over 20 years. Her interest in energetic medicine began after the birth of her daughter with special needs.  She has since worked with a wide variety of top performance elite athletes, spectrum disorders, addictions, and her specialty is working with stress and weight management, combining bioenergetics medicine (the subject of field of biochemistry that concerns energy flow through living system). Charlene is a leading pioneer in specific electrophysiological assessments in Alternative Medicine (the meaning of electrophysiology – Electro: The electron is a subatomic particle; Physis: ‘nature, origin’ the study of electrical properties of biological cells and tissues.

Charlene infuses modern medicine with energetic medicine for deeper, more authentic healing than conventional medicine could ever do on its own ~ resolving the unresolved.